Coupon Tips & Strategies

Here are some Tips, strategies, & techniques to help save you money.

Coupon Stacking:
When you stack a coupon, you are using 2 coupons (or more depending on the scenario) for your purchase. In order to coupon stack, you need one store coupon and at least one mfg. coupon and then you follow the terms on each.
First you look at your store coupon, if it is for $.50 off 1 item, for example, you can combine that with 1 mfg. coupon (from the Sunday inserts, online printable coupon, magazine etc.)
If the store coupon is for $1 off 2 items, you can then use up to a total of 3 coupons, 1st coupon: the Store Coupon, 2nd: manufacture coupon off the 1 item, 3rd: another manufacture coupon for the same item off 1.
Because you have 2 items, that is an acceptable scenario.Here are some examples from a Target store:
Buy 2 Peter Pan Peanut Butter = $4.00
Less: $.50 Off 2 Target Store Coupon
STACK: $.50 Off 2 Mfg. Coupon
Final Price After Both Coupons: 2 for $3.00
Buy 2 Peter Pan Peanut Butter = $4.00
Less: $.50 Off 2 Target Store Coupon
STACK: $.50 Off 1 Mfg. Coupon
STACK: $.50 Off 1 Mfg. Coupon
Final Price After Both Coupons: 2 for $2.50
If that sounds great, then you'll really be excited to find that other stores will also allow coupon stacking:
Coupon Codes:
Don't forget your online shopping coupon codes. Did you know that they will sometimes stack.

Info on coupon stacking, (to save me time from typing it all, lol) gotten here:

On Sale w/ a coupon: Believe it or not, most people do not know that you can use a coupon on an item on sale. It is one of the easiest ways to save. Most of my freebies are gotten with this strategy.

On Clearance or in store unadvertised special w/ a coupon: Here is a strategy that is based on luck. When you are not in a hurry to get in and out of a store, check what they have on clearance. Be sure to bring your coupon book w/ you every time you shop, because the store may have an in-store special on a product because, they have too large of a stock, they may not be carrying that product anymore after they sell out, or the product is being discontinued by the manufacture. All of these scenarios you can use a coupon!

Smallest size allowed on a coupon: Most of us were raised to believe buy big save big. When using coupons, it is just the opposite. Because of that wide spread mentality, the smaller sizes go on sale more making them even cheaper, then using a coupon on these results in very cheap of free items. There are also scenarios that the small size does not even need to be on sale in order to get the item for Free or very cheap. Be sure to look at your coupons to see if it is for "OFF ANY" or if a size is stated. Occasionally a coupon will work for a smaller size then stated, but this is hit or miss and risks embarrassment in/at check out. 

Store Rewards: Many stores like Walgreens & CVS have rewards programs where you get print-out's at the register for money off your next purchase. They also have a points system that accumulates over time and these points can be redeemed for coupons, gift cards and other various things.

Walmart Price/Ad Matching:

Coupon Overage @Walmart:

I am still working on perfecting this strategy. I will up-date this soon, as I do not want to give incorrect information to anyone.